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• [ahrk-too r-uh s] • Noun, Astronomy.

A first-magnitude star in the constellation of Boötes. Among the brightest stars that can be seen from Earth and is related to the stag...They are lustful animals, but it is said that the hinds can only conceive at the rising of the star Arcturus.

This Torridon Gin was conceived from foraging local highland botanicals.

LAND: Scots Lovage
MOUNTAINS: Foraged Bilberries & Rowanberries
SEA: Kelp Seaweed

Blended with pure Scottish loch water and distilled and bottled by Dunnet Bay Distillers to produce an aromatic, crisp, clean gin with a dry finish.

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The serve

Torridon Martini

G&T The perfect serve

  • 1 - Place plenty of ice cubes & an orange twist garnish in a chilled large open glass, giving it a stir.
  • 2 - Add 50ml of Arcturus Gin, then 100ml Walter Gregor’s tonic water - then a further orange twist garnish, stirring well.
  • 3 - Serve immediately. - (garnish will change seasonally)
Torridon Martini

Torridon Martini COCKTAIL serve

  • 1 - Add a dash of the Chartreuse to a chilled Martini glass, swirl to coat glass and discard.
  • 2 - In a separate cocktail shaker, add ice and Arcturus Gin and Vermouth. Stir for 10 seconds.
  • 3 - Strain and serve straight up. Garnish with lightly pickled samphire.

Tasting notes

"As an occasional gin drinker we were looking for something that was easy to drink as well as having some great flavours and taste. Arcturus gin definitely hit the spot everytime and it is now the first gin on the shopping list."

Adrian and Katie Ivory, Strathisla Farm.



  • Herbal & rounded,
  • with fennel & parsley


  • Dry & herbaceous,
  • with sweet & salty notes


  • Dry, crisp & clean,
  • with liquorice & earthy notes

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  • Set in 58 acres of parkland at the end of a magnificent sea loch, The Torridon has one of the most spectacular and idyllic locations in the country. The resort offers something for everyone. Perhaps you yearn for a reviving outdoor escape, or simply a relaxing holiday pampered in a luxury hotel, or getting out of your muddy walking boots and sitting by a crackling fire in a welcoming pub. Our aim is to deliver each guest their own unforgettable experience.

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Meet the Makers

The story so far...

  • In 2017, Dan Rose-Bristow - Owner and Managing Director of The Torridon hotel in Scotland - collaborated with Dunnet Bay Distillers to create a gin for The Torridon that was inspired by the surrounding landscapes. The Gin Guide caught up with Dan to find out more about the story, the gin and its botanicals, and how best to serve it.

I run The Torridon Resort in the NW Highlands of Scotland. The demand for gin in our renowned whisky bar made us think that we should be looking at gin as an opportunity to get involved and produce something that was complementary to The Torridon brand and was locally sourced and made. We wanted to get the brand design right and let it reflect the creation of the gin complementing our natural landscape.
The inspiration came from the landscape around us. The idea of creating a gin that was locally foraged using materials naturally found in our landscape was what led us to creating Arcturus. We wanted a name that was synonymous with our surroundings and different. Arcturus is among the brightest stars that can be seen from earth and is related to our very own red deer stag. They are lustful animals and it is said that the hinds can only conceive at the rising of the star Arcturus.
We started with a concept of what we wanted to create and how it would complement the Torridon brand. We wanted to use locally foraged botanicals that were different to those found in other gins. We wanted the botanicals to reflect the mountains, loch and land around us. Working with Dunnet Bay Distillers we came up with a number of profiles of taste and nosing that we compared and narrowed down. Dunnet Bay created a number of samples that we tasted and we mixed and blended to create a gin that we thought would work. Martin Murray at Dunnet Bay then took this profile and created a number of gins that we then tasted and mixed with different tonics and garnishes until we found one that stood out. Arcturus Gin was then created.
The gin was conceived from the botanicals that we could find locally that would complement each other and produce a delightful and traditional gin with unusual notes. The kelp adds a deep herbal and salty note in the gin. Rowan berries provide light berry notes and brings a cool fresh flavour to our gin which makes the mouth feel very clean. Bilberries harvested from the Torridon mountains bring a lovely sweet flavour while the real gem is Scots lovage with fennel-like properties that bring liquorice notes to the gin with a hint of parsley on the nose
1. Dry 2. Stylish 3. Natural
It is a small batch gin that reflects the wonderful landscape that is Torridon, made from botanicals sourced less than a mile from the resort. It is Torridon in a bottle.
We have created a number of seasonal garnishes so that we can offer Arcturus Gin in different ways at different times. Arcturus Gin is best served in a large glass with orange peel and a good tonic. Arcturus Gin tastes best when looking out over Loch Torridon towards the Mountains! In Autumn and Winter we recommend a garnish of orange peel, rosemary in Spring, and bilberries in Summer.
Perhaps our very own distillery, brewery and mineral water.

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